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Ylli Hidri is one of the businessmen who 25 years ago was not trading in the premises of the New Bazaar. Grown up in a village in the Petrela area, in 1990 he came to Tirana.

During the winter they are sold with fish crate, while in summer they went to the village and worked on the village work. At first it was just a fish merchant in a corner of New Bazaar. Meanwhile, today, counts a number of businesses, where it offers consumption and also the sale of fish.

After some time, as a salesman, he rented a rent because he wanted to walk alone in this business. But for Ylli because that was not enough and he decided to buy a store in 1998, to sell it in the most qualitative way.

"Little by little, with the correctness at work I trusted people then it was translated into business growth. About 1998 a store, again in the trademark area."

At that time in the area of ​​New Bazaar, it was only the mark of the meat, but from 2011 it is called meat and fish brand. All of this because Ylli decided to invest in the first opening of restaurant fish in that area.

"On December 1, 2011, I opened my first restaurant, where the name of the brand was born, and the old label was the mark of the meat and I was in the arm." After the discussion, I decided to leave a simple name, just " Markata e Peshkut ".

I opened the restaurant with the thought of going to the people who came to the bazaar. Once, I had many friends telling me they could not eat, only from the miserable conditions that was the area of ​​the New Bazaar.

Unlike what I thought of, the restaurant took a different turn, started a clientele that I had never seen before, maybe they did not know that there was a new Bazaar.

On December 6, 2012, another environment in the area of ​​Xhamlliku, because the requests were numerous and could not afford the clientele only with an environment. "

"In 2015, when the project for the reconstruction of the New Bazaar area was introduced, we were issued an order to release the premises. I did not want to leave it because it was an investment of three years and I was afraid that by changing the environment it would move and despite the fact that I had a contract with the Municipality of Tirana until 2020, I agreed to free the environment. "In order not to lose the clientele, the warehouse that kept my fish, I returned to the restaurant."

"Recently, he told me that a villa in the New Bazaar area is empty and sold. More than so many villas, I did not want to leave the New Bazaar, so I bought it though the base was at the beginning of the construction and it was with me the villa was surrounded by five shops, to open up more space, I asked the City to come down to collapse.

On 16 December it was inaugurated as a business. Out of the 30 tables I had in the first room, there are now 90 tables. But I'm not going to stop here, in that corner where I had the first restaurant, I would add services, it would be something else quick.

Clients are the ones who were in the beginning, but also the innovation

For Ylli, the key to success is the quality quality and fresh fish he offers, as well as the prices that everyone faces.

"I only offer fish service, people find what they want at any moment, I have never had a shortage. I collaborate with Durres too, there are four fishing boats that are reserved for me for every kind of fish.

There is no chance that some kind of fish will serve customers if it is not of high quality. Every day I come to you to check and for this part do not make any concessions. If we are to serve a bad product, then the responsible for this, immediately leave the job.

The products that serve in restaurants are all locals, for example, olive oil this year I picked up in Berat. These products offered here, I use in my family.

For prices, if someone were to spend 50,000 Lek somewhere else, for the same amount and fresh the products will spend 30,000 Lek. Although the New Bazaar area is arranged and is in very good condition, I will not again increase the prices of the services I offer in the restaurant and the shop where I sell fish. "

"I have 25 years in the New Bazaar, you are asking about my home, I do not know the beacons, and the New Bazaar I know better than any other country. I can never leave here, so I'm happy to decides to improve






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